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How To Select a Fee-Only Advisor


Congratulations, you have figured out one of the most important criteria for selecting a financial advisor…making sure they are fee-only to eliminate most of the typical conflicts of interest associated with financial advice.  But how do you determine which fee-only financial advisor to select?  What are the most important questions you should be asking an advisor?  Greenspring has developed an advisor selection tool that lists over 20 questions you should ask an advisor before you hire them.  We’ve also listed our answers to those questions to get you started. 


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We take a comprehensive approach when designing your financial life, considering your personal goals, income, tax bracket, family makeup, insurance, inheritance, estate plan and more.  We feel like that’s the only way to design a financial plan that works for you.


We create a portfolio that is optimal for your personal situation that will give you the best opportunity to meet your goals and objectives.  Factoring in items like your tax bracket, outside holdings, real estate and business interests, we are able to design a portfolio best suited to meet your needs.



We combine our personalized approach for investing with deep tax expertise. When taxes can erode up to 50% of your earnings, it is important to plan accordingly. We meet with you every year to develop strategies to minimize current or future tax liabilities.

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